On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Taqueria Mexico in Wallingford.

Taqueria Mexico Menu, Menu for Taqueria Mexico, Wallingford, New Haven

All of the tacos at this drive-up restaurant were on doubled-up corn tortillas.

This is nice as it allows you to eat one shell, then use the bottom shell to pick up anything that dropped out of the first taco.

We got four tacos here, Chorizo, Carnitas, Chicken, and Pastor.

All of them were served with a salsa that had a nice kick but did not improve any of the tacos.

As you can also see, they love to load you up with onions.

Photo by Eat This CT in Taqueria Mexico. Image may contain: food.

The ratings:

Chorizo taco:

Top picture. The chorizo taco had a nice flavor but the inside was extremely mealy. Like they took the chorizo and instead of having a sausage consistency it had more of a pureed meat texture.


Chicken taco:

Bottom picture. This was was disappointing. The chicken was very dry and the overall taste was bland. Not even the salsa could help this one out.


Carnitas taco:

Second photo. The worst of the bunch. The meat was very tough and very dry. No real flavor to compensate either.


Pastor taco:

Third photo. Here is where we start to warm up. The flavor was very good but there was no pineapple to speak of. Also, the meat was still quite dry.


The recommendation:

All of the meats ended up dry. The pastor taco was good, which suggests they know their sauces. I’d say the best bet might be something cooked in a sauce like suadero, of maybe cochinita pibil. Although those recommendations are blind.


Address: 850 S Colony Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492
Open everyday 7am-8pm
Phone: (203) 265-0567