We have found the best Grilled Cheese in Connecticut, and it is at Caseus Provisions in Wallingford.

Should Grilled Cheese always have tomato soup? We think so.

Tomato Soup
Chunky and buttery with a flavor that suggests fresh tomatoes were used alongside roasted ones.

A hearty and comforting companion to any grilled cheese.

Just nothing earth-shattering.

Rating: Tomato Soup


The Grilled Cheese here was so good we had to come back and try it again.

So this is 2 reviews in one, once on it’s own, and once with ham added.

The Classic Grilled Cheese (2 ways, with and without ham)

The bread is very crispy, and the cheese is delightfully gooey, creating a satisfying texture.
Unexpected bursts of liquid butter add an excellent touch.
The cheese blend is sophisticated with a slight sourness but overall offers a delightful rubbery goodness.

Now when you get ham added to it there is an odd aftertaste like nail polish.

You can get rid of most of this aftertaste by dipping the sandwich in soup, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

But if you skip the ham, there is no aftertaste at all.

It is just wonderful.

This is the best grilled cheese in the state, just skip the ham.

Rating: The Classic Grilled Cheese


Caseus Provisions
Address: 619 Center St, Wallingford, CT 06492
Hours: Sunday 11am to 4pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 7pm

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