On the search for the best spicy chicken sandwich in Connecticut brings us to The Tasty Yolk in Bridgeport.

This spicy chicken sandwich, called the Nashville Hot, is huge. Its size comes entirely from the chicken, which is the fattest piece of chicken I have ever seen on a sandwich. The breading is excellent as well, visibly separating the chicken from the bun like thousands of tiny WWII hedgehogs.

The sandwich itself isn’t overly spicy, which might be my only complaint. It has a nice bit of cayenne heat, and the hot honey adds another layer.

Even the mayo on the bun plays well, tasting almost like a soft cheese sauce. I hate mayo, btw, but this is good.

The mayo on a hot chicken sandwich should cool off the sandwich, which this doesn’t need. So maybe ask for light mayo?

The bun is also perfect for this sandwich. It is springy enough that when you crush it down to unhinge your jaw to fit the sandwich in your mouth it doesn’t stay flat.

While this sandwich is truly excellent, my only complaint is it isn’t hot enough. Call it a spicy chicken sandwich, that’s fine. But once you invoke Nashville, that sandwich needs to make you sweat, and this one doesn’t. Still among, if not the, best spicy chicken sandwiches in CT.



The recommendation: Interestingly, the spicy sauce of this sandwich is not its highlight. While it may be one of (if not the) the best spicy chicken sandwiches in CT, I bet their other chicken sandwiches are just as good if not better. Get one and find out (and let me know).



Address: 2992 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Phone: (203) 545-9311