On the search for the best burger in Connecticut brings us to Artisanal Burger Co in Manchester.

This burger restaurant has a nice outdoor heated (standup space heaters) open-air patio, perfect for outdoor dining even when it gets cold.

Also, the outdoor patio is naturally surrounded by glass walls, meaning it can protect you from cold winds.

The burgers are very good all around.

I wish they had more possibilities with the burgers, but let’s get to them.

Dry Aged Burger

The first time I came here I got the dry aged burger.

Listen to this description:

dry aged beef patty, guinness butter, caramelized onion, garlic aioli.

What’s not to like?

But when I got the burger I was completely underwhelmed.

The bun was great.

Caramelized onions were solid.

The Guinness butter is subtle and not overpowering.

The burger patty is thick and meaty

So what’s wrong? It’s boring as hell.

It’s completely lacking salt, and cheese.

And you notice it.

The dry aged burger only gets a


But with so many other things going for it, I was convinced there was a better burger here.

So I tried the Rise & Shine burger

Over easy egg, cheddar cheese, was this going to be it?


It was just weird with maple syrup and beef (5.5/10)

So I was still without my great burger. Finally, we tried one more time before writing this place off.

The meat is after all very good, thick, and juicy.

Then I found what may be the best burger here

Enter the

Triple B Burger

beef patty, bbq sauce, smoked bleu cheese, applewood bacon.

There’s the cheese missing from the dry aged burger. and it’s a salty cheese too.

The bacon doesn’t add much here.

But it’s got that great bun; it’s got that great meaty patty, and now the cheese.

The bleu cheese is strong here. It’s actually the 2nd dominant flavor in this burger.

You have to really like bleu cheese to get this burger.

But if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a nice sweet bbq sauce balancing the bleu cheese and meat.

The rating:

With it’s meaty patty and salty strong bleu cheese, the triple b burger is a top contender. Provided you like bleu cheese.


You may also notice a pattern of sweet potato fries. Those are nicely cooked and well salted, so they are super solid (7/10).


Address: 1436 Pleasant Valley Rd, Manchester, CT 06042
Open Daily at 12pm
Phone: (860) 644-0046