On the search for the best breakfast sandwich in Connecticut brings us to The Villager in Chester.

A little confusing that the name of the sandwich is the name of the restaurant.

The Villager (sandwich) is the standard breakfast sandwich here at this tiny (*cash only) restaurant in Chester.

They have some wackier sandwiches here. One of the ones we tries was the Chessex.


The Rating: Chessex


The Villager

The namesake sandwich is basically your meat, cheese, and egg sandwich.

But it comes with 2 eggs, which is just classy.

Everything about this sandwich is solid.

The buttered roll is very nice.

The cheese is good quality.

The bacon is nice.

It’s just a very very wonderfully done standard breakfast sandwich.

The Rating: The Villager



Address: 13 Main St, Chester, CT 06412
Monday 6AM–2PM
Tuesday 6AM–2PM
Wednesday 6AM–2PM
Thursday 6AM–2PM
Friday 6AM–2PM
Saturday 6:30AM–12:30PM
Sunday 6:30AM–12:30PM

Phone: (860) 322-3114