On the search for the best burger in Connecticut brings us to GoldBurgers in Newington.

And while we didn’t find the best burger, we may have stumbled on to the best fries in Connecticut.

Let’s start with from the beginning.

Fried Mac and Cheese

The Fried Mac and Cheese at Goldburgers was intriguing.

The batter was generously seasoned with herbs, yet, the macaroni inside lacked flavor.

The accompanying dipping sauce was a welcome addition, making the overall dish fine.

But you can’t just fry up plain mac and cheese and hope for gold.

The Rating: Fried Mac and Cheese


Now on to the Burgers.

Bacon Jam Burger

Starting with their Bacon Jam Burger, the first impression was underwhelming.

The single patty felt insignificant, a let-down.

The bun appeared on the doughier side, and was way too big for the small single patty.

However, their intriguing array of sauces and the unusual fries on top added some redemption.

The burger was good, enjoyable even, but not extraordinary.

The Rating: Bacon Jam Burger


Double Burger

Disappointed with the single patty of the Bacon Jam Burger, I decided to custom-build my own double patty burger.

The toppings of cheddar, cherry peppers, and grilled onions were flavorful and well-executed.

The cheese was satisfactory, and the double patty gave the burger a more robust meat to bread ratio.

And yet, overall, it wasn’t a huge improvement.

The burger peaked out, whether the single or double, regardless of sauces.

It’s a solid burger, no doubt; just nothing amazing.

The Rating: Double Burger


All burgers need an accompaniment.

Sweet Potato Fries

On the simpler side, their sweet potato fries were fairly straightforward.

These were well-cooked with a satisfying crunch but not particularly memorable.

The Rating: Sweet Potato Fries


Now onto the king.

Waffle Fries

The waffle fries, on the other hand, were amazing.

They offered a delightful balance between a well-seasoned crust and a fluffy potato filling.

The crust, I cannot say enough good things about.

The crust almost had the consistency of a hard shell of a taco. It basically cracks open.

In fact, they were the best waffle fries I’ve ever had.

A crunchy, potato-laden miracle.

The Rating: Waffle Fries


In conclusion, while some of GoldBurgers’ offerings were just good, others truly stood out.

A visit is worth it just for their waffle fries.


Address: 1096 Main St, Newington, CT 06111
Hours: Monday and Tuesday Closed
Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 9pm