On the search for the best Wings in Connecticut brings us to WesWings in Middletown.

I had been trying to go here for a couple of years now, but because of the pandemic it was only open to Wesleyan students.

Now WesWings on Wesleyan campus is open to everyone!

They have 11 different plave of wings, and 5 levels of Buffalo” Mild, Medium, Hot, Wings of Death, and Beyond Wings of Death.

Since you should almost never get the spiciest level of a wing sauce, we went one down and tried

Wings of Death

First, the wings themselves are very large.

As in, they are meaty.

Even the smallest size of eight wings is filling.

The flavor itself is high on pepper and maybe even tomato sauce, which is odd but tasty.

All of the heat is at the tip of the tongue, and is almost painfully sharp.

Overall, these are excellent wings.

They have a ‘Rochester’ sauce with it’s own levels of Mild, Medium, Hot, and ExtraHot.

No idea what the relevance of Rochester is yet, but these are wings I’d be happy to revisit.

The Rating



Address: 156 High St, Middletown, CT 06457
Hours: Sunday to Saturday 11am to 8pm