There are places where the name says it all, and then there’s Rockin’ Chicken—a spot where expectations run high, and the menu tempts you to embark on a culinary journey of Peruvian coal-roasted rotisserie.

Rotisserie Chicken
Some people, it seems, have forgotten where they came from.

They’ve forgotten what Boston Market did for them.

They’ve forgotten what supermarket Rotisserie’s do for them.

This rotisserie? It’s cooked over coal, which is nice I guess.

But it is rotisserie chicken at the end of the day.

Nothing special about the flavor.

It is cooked perfectly, but so is a lot of rotisserie.

A little tip? Drizzle some of their yellow aji pepper sauce over it to elevate the taste.
The Rating: Rotisserie Chicken


Rotisserie’s come with two sides, so we went with Yucca fries and the Arroz Verde.

Yucca Fries
The yucca fries offer a gentle crisp that cracks delightfully with each bite.

That can also translate to being under-fried.

On its own, the Yucca might seem a tad underwhelming in flavor.

Paired with the right dipping sauce, it springs to life, transforming from mundane to magical.

But food has to be served to taste good, not just being okay until you find the right magic combination of sauce or condiment.

The Rating: Yucca


Arroz Verde
I was becoming disappointed until I cracked into the Arroz Verde.

Green rice, cooked with lots of herbs, was wonderful.

It is predominantly heavy on the cilantro, which is sure to excite the herb-lovers out there.

The texture is perfectly sticky, making every mouthful an experience.

This dish is a must-try!

The Rating: Arroz Verde


Final Thoughts
Rockin’ Chicken offers a plate of mixed experiences. Rotisserie chicken is good, but I would experiment with other main dishes they have. But the Arroz Verde truly stand out as a must-have for one of your sides. The Rockin’ Chicken is a place where the combination of food and the right condiments make all the difference. So, if you’re in the mood for a mix of the familiar and the fantastic, this might just be your next stop.

The Rockin’ Chicken

Address: 476 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

Hours: Sunday 11am to 8pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 8pm


Address: 236 W Hill Rd, Newington, CT 06111

Hours: Open Everyday 11am to 8pm