Why highlight the baked beans at a BBQ place?

Because of how disappointing the meat was.

What really made Zach and Lou’s disappointing is the lead up.

When you get to the restaurant in Torrington you are met with the most intoxicating smell.

The wood burning is wonderful and gives you a hopeful preview of what’s inside.

The brisket is supposedly what to get, so I was excited to try.

Unfortunately, the brisket was…oily.

The bark was minimal to almost absent, and there was barely any flavor at all.

Overall, it was kind of unpleasant.

The Rating: Brisket


Maybe it was a one off problem.

Maybe the brisket isn’t the actual thing to get.

Maybe Zach and Lou’s specialize in ribs, or pulled pork, or something else.

The baked beans were pretty good.

The beans a little hard, the sauce a little too sweet, but good overall.

Maybe we’ll try Zach and Lou’s again.

But until then, there are better BBQ places in CT.

Zach and Lou’s Barbecue

Address: 2936 Winsted Rd, Torrington, CT 06790
Tuesday – Saturday 11:30AM–6PM
Sunday 11:30AM–4PM
Closed Mondays