On the search for the best donut in Connecticut, and the best cider donut in Connecticut, brings us to Brown’s Harvest in Windsor.

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These bite-sized donuts come in bags of a dozen or so, which is not good for any dieters out there lookking for just one.

What’s worse, they are wonderful.

The donut is very dense, like a regular donut just vaccuum shrunk down.

The coating on the donuts lie somehwere in the space between a pure sugar coating and a glazing.

These donuts, in short, are like an physics anomoly. A dwarf star with a plasma-like coating.

Overall, they are excellent and very addictive.

The Rating:


The recommendation: This is a great place for August-October, with a huge corn maze. But make sure to get 2 bags of the cider donuts, one for now, and one for later.