On the search for the best burritos in Connecticut brings us to La Mexicana Grocery Store & Taqueria in Willimantic.

The burrito here has a great ratio of fillings.

Often in CT, burritos are just a little meat with an ungodly amount of rice (and maybe some beans).

Not here. The meat makes up a good part of the burrito.

The pastor overall, flavor-wise, was a little weak; it had a nice griddle flavor, but not much depth beyond that.

Meaning, it could have been any meat, the griddle flavor was dominant.

But that aside, it’s a good combination of flavors, good ingredients, good ratios.

Overall, a solid burrito.

But something is missing.

Maybe the meat just doesn’t have enough unique flavor to it.

The beans are relatively flavorless, as well.

I suspect tacos may be better here, but will have to find out.

And will happily do so.

The Rating:


La Mexicana Grocery Store & Taqueria

Address: 385 Valley St, Willimantic, CT 06226
Hours: Sunday 10am to 8pm
Monday 12pm to 8pm
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 8pm