On the search for the best burrito in Connecticut brings us to Los Garcias Mexican Fusion in Waterbury.

With a selection of possible meats, we went with (of course) al pastor.

The first problem is out of ALL the fillings, there really isn’t that much meat.

But the chipotle sauce is very good.
Lettuce, rice, and beans fill up the rest, with the beans particularly standing out.
The shell is commendably crisp, adding a pleasant texture. Like it was thrown under a grill press.

Rice dominates the flavor, unfortunately, slightly overshadowing the meat.
I’d recommend trying with black beans and mild salsa next time.

Overall really good, but there is likely a better combination available.

Rating: Al Pastor Burrito


Los Garcias Mexican Fusion

Address: 836 E Main St, Waterbury, CT 06705
Hours: Open daily 11am–10pm, extending to 11pm on Saturdays.

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