I’m a skeptical person by nature.

Nothing makes me more skeptical of a restaurant than being run by any version of a ‘celebrity chef’.

Sift bake shop in Mystic was started by someone who was a contestant on some show.

Don’t care.

The food has to be good.

And when looking for the best bakery in Connecticut, Mystic is a long haul for most people.

We start with something they are really known for.

Opera cake

This cake is a French version of a tiramisu.

espresso soaked almond cake and creames.

This cake is dense.

There is a heavy flavor of both almond and espresso.

The chocolate is mild, getting overpowered a bit.

Overall, pretty good stuff.

The Rating: Opera Cake


Next on to Macarons!


The flavor combinations are wild.

Fruitz you’ve barely heard of.

Combinations you didn’t think would go in a dessert.

And classics.

Chocolate salted caramel macaron

Not bad.

A little crunch, and a lot more chocolate than caramel. (6/10)



The flavor is very similar to key lime.

There is a strong tartness to this one. (7/10)

Peanut butter & jelly

Also wild.

It tastes almost exactly like the uncrustables sandwiches.

Concord grape dominates the flavor, but it’s fun. (7/10)

The Rating: Macarons


Chocolate croissant

Now on to the baked goods.

The chocolate croissant is tougher than you would expect.

Not really flaky, almost like it is made from a mild sourdough.

The chocolate throughout, is, however, excellent.

Not the standard 2 bars of chocolate inside but swirled throughout.

That way, you get chocolate in every bite.

It’s excellent.

The Rating: Chocolate Croissant


Chocolate chip cookie

Okay, I’m a convert.

Every single bite is loaded with two different types of chocolate.

It’s almost too much chocolate.


The edges of the cookie are slightly crispy, the middle is surprisingly underbaked.

There is loads of butter that easily comes through.

There is something missing, however.

It’s excellent and I will always get one while near Mystic.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something holding this cookie back.

The Rating: Chocolate Chip Cookie


Okay, so skepticism aside, this is a super solid bakery.

The lines are justified.

There is variation in how good the items are, of course.

But I’ll be called back like a siren, willing to try more.

Sift Bake Shop

Address: 5 Water St, Mystic, CT 06355
Hours: Everyday 7am to 9pm