On the search for the best cider donut in Connecticut brings us to Silvermans Farm in Easton.

I actually had to come back to test the cider donut here.

I wasn’t sure, after eating my first one, whether it was really good or excellent!

A nice problem to have.

The donut itself is almost undercooked in texture.

Really chewy on the inside.

The interior dough is a little light on flavor, however, with each bit tasting just a little less than the previous bite.

That means the first bite is going to be your favorite.

The real movement with this donut is the cinnamon sugar.

The proportion is nailed perfectly and dusted to just the right amount.

Therefore, go for the thinnest donuts you can, to maximize your pleasure.

The Rating:


Silvermans Farm

Address: 451 Sport Hill Rd, Easton, CT 06612
Hours: Open everyday 9am to 4:30pm