On the search for the best ice cream in Connecticut brings us to Kelly’s Cone Connection in Hamden.

Here, we tried two of the craziest flavors we could find.

Twinkie, and Cookie Monster.

Twinkie Ice Cream

If you asked me to predict which flavor I would like better, I’d say Twinkie everyday.

Who doesn’t love a twinkie.

And in ice cream form?

But the reality wasn’t as Twinkie as hoped for.

The flavor was closer to French Vanilla, with marshmallow mixed in.

The ice cream was so think I needed a knife.

It was really very very good.

No iciness at all, just thick cream.

The Rating: Twinkie Ice Cream


Cookie Monster Ice Cream

But this.

This was more like cookie with some ice cream in it rather than ice cream with cookie.

Literally, mostly cookie.

And its excellent.

The cookies are a blend of oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

The ice cream is pretty much a standard not overly flavorful vanilla.

Colored blue.

But ignore that, because there is so much, genuinely wonderful cookie, it’s just an amazing ice cream.

The Rating: Cookie Monster Ice Cream


Kelly’s Cone Connection

Address: 2538 Whitney Ave. Hamden, CT 06518

Hours: Open everyday 12pm-9pm