Cristy’s is a local’s favorite breakfast spot in the Westbrook and Old Saybrook area.

Let’s see why.

Oreo Pancake

Decided to try something unique with the Oreo pancake.

Although Oreos typically enhance foods, here they somewhat detract from an otherwise excellent pancake.

The pancake itself has a robust flavor, helped by a generous topping of butter.

The dough’s texture is a bit tough, but the overall taste experience is still very positive.

Unfortunately, the oreos get a bit burnt and in the way.

Rating: Oreo Pancakes


Crispy Hash

The crispy hash is a standout side dish with an abundance of beef.

It’s not just large in size but also rich in flavor, heavily griddled to create a delightful taste.

The edges are especially crispy, adding a satisfying texture to each bite.

This dish is a testament to simple ingredients executed exceptionally well.

Rating: Crispy Hash


In conclusion, while the Oreo pancake at Cristy’s Restaurant offers a fun twist, it’s the crispy hash that truly shines with its superb flavor and texture. But don’t skip on regular pancakes, they are likely excellent as well.

Cristy’s Restaurant
Address: 1261 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT 06498
Hours: Open Everyday 8am to 3pm

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