On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to El Charrito in Stamford.

There were 3 tacos I tasted here, but the al Pastor taco was by far the star of the show. I’ll start by reviewing the other 2, and leave the Al Pastor for the end.

Overall, all the tacos have doubled-up shells stuck together in a way you can’t peel them apart. This gets annoying because it makes for the bites being too doughy and you having nothing to pick up the spillover.

Beef Tinga Taco

Tinga is a tomato and chipotle and onion sauce. To beef tinga is chunks of beef ideally slow cooked in such a sauce. The problem with this version is the meat was a little dry and the whole thing was light in flavor. Which, given the very presence of chipotle which is near impossible to hide, is quite an acocmplishment. Still good, but not the best offering.

The rating:


Carnitas Taco

Carnitas, a sort of pulled pork, here is good. The pork has a nice crisp outer skin that shows up as little bits of crackle at the ends of the pork strands. Even the onions, which I traditionally don’t like, bring a bright freshness to this taco. Overall its enjoyable.

The rating:


Al Pastor taco

Here is where the tacos really shine. The pork is well spiced, although it doesn’t appear the pork comes from a spit. That doesn’t really matter, as the pork tastes great and there are huge chunks of pineapple in the taco. Everything mixes well, this is what an al pastor taco should taste like.

The rating:


The recommendation: This place has a classic authenticity running through it. From menu options such as cabeza (head), tripa (tripe), and lengua (tongue), you can get a nice authentic experience here. When it comes to what to get that tastes good, the al pastor are a must. I’ll definitely be back to try their other options including the Suadero and Camarero.


Address: 1019 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Closed Mondays

Phone: (203) 588-1519