Trying every espresso roaster in Connecticut brings us to Birdhouse Coffee Co. in South Windsor.


This espresso is so incredibly sour.

Like a warhead.

It’s so sour, it dries out your mouth and puckers your lips.

Maybe some people like that.

Maybe some people think that is what espresso is supposed to taste like, because they associate Italian espresso with lemon peels.

Sometimes, when an espresso is that sour it can be dangerous to add milk, as it makes the milk taste like it has gone bad.

Not here, in fact, the milk can bring down the sourness to levels where they are not overpowering.

But espresso should not taste this sour.

It doesn’t matter if it’s inside a brewery.

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Birdhouse Coffee

Address: 765 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074
Sunday 8am to 6pm
Monday & Tuesday 7am to 4pm
Wednesday & Thursday 7am to 8pm
Friday 7am to 9pm
Saturday 8am to 9pm