On the search for the best falafel in Connecticut brings us to Tangiers International Market in Hartford.

We actually tried 3 things from Tangiers, the Lamb Gyro (which was solid), the baba ganoush (which may even merit it’s own post), and the falafel sandwich.

The Lamb Gyro:

This one I was expecting to be better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s solid.

The lamb flavor is very light (for those that mind that).

But the amount of sauce and fillings actually takes over the gyro.

The pita is lightly fried too, which gives it an odd taste I can’t place.

Overall solid, but there is better here.

The Rating: Lamb Gyro


Falafel (Sandwich)

This is why we are here.

The falafel sandwich.

First, these falafel balls are perfectly crispy.

You just crunch right into them.

Look at that deep green color.

The tahini is also super creamy, which is great.

It’s also necessary.

They don’t put their falafel sandwiches in pita, even though they have pita.

They put their falafel in burrito-type wraps.

Except these wraps are very dry, lots of light flour coating dries your mouth out.

So you need that tahini.

Overall, this is a truly excellent falafel sandwich.

The rating: Falafel


Tangiers International Market

Address: 550 Farmington Ave A, Hartford, CT 06105
Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm


Phone: (860) 233-8168