On the search for the best hot dog in Connecticut brings us to Augie & Ray’s Drive-In in East Hartford.

Part of the Pratt & Whitney trifecta of East Hartford Hot Dogs (along with Maggie’s Lunch Truck and Mickey’s Oceanic Grill), Augie & Ray’s has been making breakfast sandwiches and diner staples since 1946.

Hot Dog with Chili and Spicy Relish

The spicy relish packs some heat that is actually a bit overpowering.

Especially because the chili is so damn good.

The bun is griddled and holds up well to toppings.

The dog itself is actually the weakest part of the whole meal.

When ordering, chili is a must, and add all the toppings you want for a super solid hot dog.

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Augie & Ray’s Drive-In

Address: 314 Main St, East Hartford, CT 06118
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Saturday 7am to 3pm