On the search for the best Hot Dogs in Connecticut brings us to Jake’s Diggity Dogs in Milford.

There is a debate in Milford about who has better hot dogs.

Jakes, or Dogtown.

It’s Jakes.

Onion Rings

A small onion rings is massive.

They come out the appropriate color, dark golden, like an old white woman who lives in Florida, smokes cigarettes, and bronzes her skin for far too long (suspiciously specific?).

The rings are super crispy and salty.

The onion slices are on the thicker side and sweet, which balances nicely.

There is no Fronion taste here, just pure deep fried onions.

Super solid.

The Rating: Onion Rings


This post would honestly be a little love letter to the onion rings, until you try the hot dog.

Hot Dog with Chili and Hot Relish

There are a huge variety of toppings here.

All of the dogs are foot longs, unless you ask for a ‘short’ and top it yourself.

Everything on the dogs are grilled.

The dogs are grilled until the skin is crispy, then split in half and grilled again!

The bun is grilled.

I’m sure even the chili is thrown on the flat grill too.

The dog itself is very thin (maybe different on the foot long), but has a good flavor to it.

The chili is meaty, and the spicy relish delivers.

The bun is almost too heavy, but any toppings you get are so heavy the bun nicely stands up.

Overall, a great hot dog.

The Rating: Hot Dog with Chili and Hot Relish


Jake’s Diggity Dogs

Address: 40 Broad St, Milford, CT 06460
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am to 7pm
Friday 11am to midnight

Saturday 11am to 3pm