On the search for the best wings in Connecticut brings us to the Groggy Frogg in Southington.

This proper-looking dive bar is very proud of their wings.

and they have a bunch of flavors.

60-ish different flavors.

Now granted some of them are variants on the same (e.g. Teriyaki, Sesame teriyaki, Teriyaki sweet chili; etc.)

But many of them are odd; like the Italian Express (Buffalo and Pesto with Parmesan).

To get a feel for the wings at this place, and because you can only get 1 flavor per order (!) we are limited to trying 2.

To get a feel for their buffalo wings, we got the 2nd hottest (Hot buffalo) and one that wouldn’t be hot (Jack D Honey BBQ).

The wings themselves walk this nice line between being very crisp on the outside yet juicy on the inside.

Even though you can only get 1 sauce per order, they load you up with lots of each sauce, so that’s nice.

The Jack D Honey BBQ are extremely sweet.

Cloyingly sweet.

It’s just too much. Its a good flavor, but so sweet you almost can’t eat too many of them.

The rating Jack D Honey BBQ wings:


But the hot buffalo wings

First, we tried the FU sauce, which is the hottest (don’t get the hottest buffalo sauce at a place) and it was nearly unbearable.

Which is problematic trying to breathe through a mask in a pandemic.

But the hot buffalo is what we are talking about here.

The heat is definitely hot, with a sharp bite.

The heat lingers on the tongue, especially in the middle of the tongue.

The sauce is good, and aside from that heat has a nice sweetness about it as well.

Definitely solid.

The Rating Hot Buffalo Wings

With the good heat and subtle sweetness, on top of crispy yet juicy meat, these wings are a solid contender.


The recommendation:

Definitely get the Hot Buffalo if you like some heat. Most of their wings have a sweetness to them turned up, so anything that sounds sweet might be far too sweet for adult consumption. Try to keep it in the little to not sweet category, play with heat, and have fun. They have a lot here.

Also, why are wings places in CT getting caught up in putting random shit like lettuce or peanut butter on their wings???


Address: 129 Center St, Southington, CT 06489
Open 9am-12:30pm
Phone: (860) 378-0043