On the search for the best hot chocolate in Connecticut brings us to Taste by Spellbound in Elmwood (and Avon and South Windsor).

So I have an issue with hot cocoa.

It’s garbage.

Cocoa is literally what’s leftover when you remove all of the cocoa butter and fats from chocolate.

So you remove all the good stuff…

What’s worse, sometimes people pour this cocoa powder into milk and call it hot chocolate.

Not here.

Here, at Taste by Spellbound, what you are drinking is hot chocolate.

And it is good.

The way you can tell the differenc between hot chocolate and hot cocoa is if it dissolves in cold milk.

If it dissolves in cold milk, it’s hot cocoa.

If you dump hot chocolate powder into cold milk, it just floats around.

It has to get melted. That’s the point.

At Taste by Spellbound, their products are very hit or miss.

For example, the Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Cupcake? A complete miss.

It’s super salty with a dry cake and too much caramel flavor (5.5/10).

But this isn’t a problem with their cupcakes. Because the Triple Chocolate Cupcake is so amazing it’s going to get it’s own highlight reel and future post.

There’s just an inconsistency here.

But the hot chocolate.

The chocolate is incredibly thick and borders on being too sweet. It’s excellent.

You can order it with an optional homemade marshmallow that they can toast for you.

The toasting of the marshmallow is done with a blowtorch and adds a perfect campfire toasted taste.

As you drink this hot chocolate, which will take you some time because it is so sweet, the marshmallow slowly melts into the chocolate, spreading around that campfire taste.

They are soo good at this at Taste by Spellbound, even their hot chocolate macaron is excellent (future post as well).

If you like your marshmallow burned to a crisp instead of toasted brown, get the marshmallow toasted. Otherwise, just get the marshmallow.

The Rating:

With it’s campfire marshmallow taste in incredibly thick and sweet chocolate, this hot chocolate is one of the best in CT. But it’s one that should be shared with someone else.



Avon Location

220 west Main Street, Avon CT

Closed Sunday and Monday


South Windsor Location

87 Evergreen Way, South Windsor


Elmwood Location

8 Mayflower Street, West Hartford

Closed Sunday and Monday