Tucked away in the quiet reaches of New Milford, amidst the lush, unfolding landscape, is a roadside food stand only open during the fleeting summer months. The humdrum of life slows down here, replaced by the sizzling sounds of a grill, and the smell of smoke and food.


On the menu was their hallmark cheeseburger, a staple of American summer grilling.

Expectations ran high as I took the first bite, but it was more a game of under-seasoning.

The doughy bun encased a crust that hinted at staleness, and the patty lacked the meaty punch one would hope for in a cheeseburger.

Even the cheese, unfortunately, lay unmelted, a missed opportunity.

Once laden with toppings, it became more palatable, but the core essence of the cheeseburger fell flat.

The Rating: Cheeseburger


Onion Rings

But it wasn’t all muted flavors.

In contrast, their onion rings were wonderful.

The crust was simply outstanding, possessing a well-balanced seasoning.

Oddly enough, each bite was reminiscent of…popcorn.

The onions, however, presented a duality; while delightfully succulent in the thinner slices, the thicker portions were a bit overpowering.

Despite this, the onion rings packed an impressive flavor punch.

Go for the thinnest rings if sharing.

The Rating: Onion Rings


And so, while Clamp’s may not have delivered THE summer cheeseburger, it did surprise with a flavorful twist on the classic onion ring.

It serves as a reminder that even the most inconspicuous roadside stands can hold delicious secrets, waiting to be discovered, in summer.

Clamp’s Hamburger Stand

Address: 518 Litchfield Rd, New Milford, CT 06776
Hours: everyday 11am to 2pm, 5pm to 8pm