Sycamore Drive-In in Bethel.

Previously reviewed for their oddly tasty yet weird cheeseburger.

But now we go for the root beer float.

Why review a root beer float here?

Because it’s homemade root beer.

Fancier than an A&W, Sycamore Drive-In makes their own root beer for their root beer floats.

The root beer is sweet, but very mild.

It has little to no bite, as proper root beer should.

This means it pairs well with the ice cream, but could use a bolder flavor.

Especially as this place doesn’t make its own ice cream, it’s just mildness throughout.

The Rating:


Sycamore Drive-In

Address: 282 Greenwood Ave., Bethel, CT 06801


Monday – Thursday 11am – 7:30pm

Friday 11am – 8pm

Saturday 7am – 8pm

Sunday 7am – 7pm