For all foods we will be rating them on a 1-10 scale. Here is how to interpret the ratings.

1-1.5: Dangerous and/or unsafe (bone app the teeth!)

2-2.5: Disgusting, it is getting spat out.

3-3.5: Horrible, can not finish.

4-4.5: This is a displeasure to eat.

5: This is food. It will give you some nutrients. That is all.

5.5: This food isn’t bad.

6: This is okay.

6.5: This is pretty good.

7: This is good.

7.5: This is real good.

8: You should travel up to 10 miles just for this.

8.5: You should travel up to 25 miles just for this.

9: You should travel up to 50 miles just for this.

9.5: You should travel up to 100 miles just for this.

10: This food will change your life. There is no distance to great too travel to eat this.