On the search for the best BBQ in Connecticut brings us to The Cue Restaurant and Catering in Danbury.

There is no option here to get meats by the pound, so trying multiple meats you either need a big group or to go with the multiple meat sampler.

We tried three, chicken, baby back ribs, and brisket.
Dry Rubbed Smoked Chicken, Free Range

The chicken is a little dry, and the skin a little tough.

It’s a hard thing smoking chicken.

There is a flavor there that is good, it’s just a little hidden.

It’s fun to try with the sauces, which are almost mandatory.

The Rating: Dry Rubbed Smoked Chicken, Free Range


Baby Back Ribs

Without a doubt the silliest version of ribs I have ever seen.

First, they are…boneless?

Then, pre-cut across the grain.

Think of it like you were asking for a smoked pork tenderloin, that’s what they give you, sliced.

So they are very small and yet, entirely made of meat.

The outside smoking is nice but the ribs themselves are fairly bland.

I think this is because they want you to customize your experience with your own sauce.

But ribs, unless heavily dry rubbed, need sufficient saucing during the smoking process.

That seems to be absent here.

While it is fun to try your own sauce combinations, the ribs are a bit too bland.

As for the sauces, when you order bbq they bring you this flight of five sauces: Regular, Siracha Maple Honey, Apricot Horseradish, Raspberry Cherry Chipotle (my favorite), and Carolina vinegar.

the sauce flight

The Rating: Baby Back Ribs


Prime Beef Brisket

The meat is good. When asked for the fatty side, they obliged.

The bark is almost too much.

The sheer quantity of black pepper on the bark is comical.

I’m sure there are other flavors in the bark, maybe espresso and cinnamon, but black pepper takes over.

It’s not really a criticism, more a note. Because the bark is very tasty,

The combination of juicy meat and tasty bark is excellent overall.

The Rating: Prime Beef Brisket


The Mixed Meat platter comes with a side, so who can pass on truffle fries?

Truffle fries

Okay, steak fries can be really hit or miss.

If they are well crisped, it can often be a hit.

Under fried, and a miss.

Thankfully, here they are a hit.

The fries are super thick cut, yet very crispy.

I bet this bowl alone has 1.5 full potatoes, easily.

The parmesan truffle is very nice, really just adding to the whole experience.

The Rating: Truffle Fries


The Cue Restaurant and Catering

Address: 2 Pembroke Rd, Danbury, CT 06811
Hours: Monday to Thursday 3pm to 9pm
Friday to Sunday 11am to 9pm