On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to TA-QUE Food Truck in Simsbury.

Also note, this 2023 the food truck also makes weekend appearances at the Gastropark in Elmwood.

This seasonal food truck is attached to the (thoroughly fine) Millwrights Restaurant (see here for our review of Millwrights).

Pork Belly Taco

The Pork Belly Taco comes seasoned with a hint of BBQ.

The meat has an inconsistent texture, sometimes tough sometimes soft.

This taco’s juiciness sometimes overwhelms the shell, leading it to break apart a bit too soon.

The Rating: Pork Belly Taco


Chicken Taco
The (fried) chicken is tender and juicy.

It is dominated by a black pepper flavor.

The inclusion of kale is…odd and might not resonate with everyone.

The beans, while present, don’t seem to uplift the overall taco as much as one would hope.

It’s a decent try, but there’s potential for more.

The Rating: Chicken Taco


Vampiro Taco
The meat is like a well-cooked pot roast, rich and deeply flavored.

What elevates this taco is the smooth avocado crema that melds seamlessly with the meat.

The whole thing has just a slight kick of mild spiciness, which is great.

The Rating: Vampiro Taco


In Summary
While Ta-QUE might have its hits and misses, their Vampiro Taco undoubtedly stands out, making a trip down here worth every bite. If you’re in Simsbury or Elmwood and have a craving for some innovative tacos, you know where to head.

TA-QUE Food Truck

Address: 77 West St, Simsbury, CT 06070
Hours: Sunday 5pm to 8pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday through Saturday 5pm to 8pm