Welcome to Eat This CT! This website is dedicated to finding and sharing the best foods in Connecticut.

When I moved here last year, I went on the search for a food reviewer I could trust to find the best foods. I shortly realized most ‘rankings’ of the best foods in CT are done by votes. Unlike in elections, most of those food votes are heavily stacked and swamped with fraud. I have worked in the restaurant industry and so have many of my friends. So i don’t trust them. Also, if you haven’t read the old Wine Spectator fiasco where they reviewed restaurants based only on their online wine list and gave a made up restaurant an award of excellence, it is a fun read. There is a lot of bullshit out there.

Also, many reviewers I found review whole restaurants. While that is a very important and needed thing, I’m not interested in it. We don’t eat restaurants, we eat food. And even the best restaurants have foods they are better or worse at, and bad restaurants can have wonderful items on their menu.

So I wanted a place that reviews food. That can tell me where a great burger is. Or a hot dog. Or a specific flavor of ice cream. Even a great place has ice cream of better or worse flavors. All over CT.

So, I created this blog, because I couldn’t find what I wanted.

My Promise:

Here is what I promise:

I will review food and food only.

I will avoid chain restaurants, unless they are small CT-based chains.

I will do my best to ignore how fancy the place is, how good or bad the service is, how expensive or cheap the cost. Those can matter, but that is not the point of this. I’m here for food, maybe you are here for food too.

So overall, welcome, to Eat This CT!

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